Herbalife Nutrition


If you’ve read my About page, you will know that as well as being a Personal Trainer I am proud to Promote Herbalife and help my clients to achieve their results whether they be weight loss, weight maintenance, weight gain, sports performance or just to have a healthier lifestyle and more energy….which lets face us, we can all do with these days with life being so busy and hectic.

It was Herbalife Nutrition that gave me the results I was looking for.

So what do we offer at Herbalife Nutrition?

We offer a variety of programmes to suit everyone, as I have already told you, however usually people start with our Breakfast Programme.

Herbalife is a nutrition programme and lifestyle choice.  It is not a Diet!  If you never want to diet again, are prepared to make permanent lifestyle choices and work with me to achieve these, then call me now on 07951 744 493  or contact me via my contact page.

I look forward to working with you and helping you to make the right lifestyle choices for you 🙂

Checkout my Independent Herbalife Nutrition Member Website at https://gilllindsay.goherbalife.com/en-gb






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