Are you fed up Yo Yo Dieting? Do you want to lose Fat, Change your Body Shape, Have more Energy, Improve your Mood and Sleep? YES….then we have the solution FOR YOU. Just look at the amazing results that my daughters and I got with Herbalife.

The first picture is me before Herbalife, the second picture is 8 weeks later, with a loss of 11% body fat.  The third picture is the following year, maintaining my weight, an additional 2% of body fat down, feeling more energised, no bloating and no longer any digestive problems.

Gill Sept 2012       Gill2 260313IMG_0003_2


Well we have the answer for you.

My daughter Sarah and I as Personal Health Coaches, working in Liverpool can help you to achieve your goals by working with you every step of the way. We are all so busy these days so how about doing something for YOU and YOUR HEALTH! Book some time in your diary for YOU, improve and maintain your fitness. No longer will you lose weight, only to put it back on again, plus an extra couple of pounds each time before you embark on yet another diet? Why?…because as YOUR Personal Health Coach we will help you. How? By meeting with you every week and coaching and supporting you until you reach your goals. Call either Gill on 07951 744 493  or Sarah on 07950 400 621 to book YOUR FREE PERSONAL WELLNESS EVALUATION worth £50 NOW…what are you waiting for!   Checkout my Online Shop at www.gilllindsay.hblf.net or my Herbalife website at http://www.goherbalife.com/gilllindsay/en-GB

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